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Release May 7

Daphne 1070 Uppbrott  


Lyrics by Werner Aspenström

Music by Sven-David Sandström

Cantata for soprano, barytone, choir and orchestra

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Sandströms Decampment becomes stunningly beautiful

"I really only have one big wish in life. It's to make music that touches."


This is what Sven-David Sandström said in his Summer program on radio in 1999. And since then he has created an unimaginable amount of works with the rare ability to reach the audience, especially after his famous conversion in the 90s, when the modernist Saul became a more melodic Paul.

Saturday's premiere of Sandström's Cantata "Breakup" took place five days after the composer's death, which of course meant that there were many moments of remembrance. It was a gathering characterized by warmth and joy, with a bright feeling of a school breaking-up. When Sandström's tones slowly died out began the church bells rang and the audience rose with shining eyes.


Music needs text to really touch, Sandström thought - "poetry drives music". "Uppbrott" is based on Werner Aspenström's collection of poems "Snölegend", selected by the flutist Ulf Bergström who also commissioned the work.

The beauty was stunning and touching. Adolf Fredrik's church's chamber choir filled the room with a fantastic, light chorus, led by Christoffer Holgersson. In "Snölegend" there is, among other things, the famous poem "The one you are waiting for does not pass the suburbs", nicely performed by Hanna Husáhr with a silver sheen in her voice, often supplemented by meandering flute tones. 0lle Persson's baritone added a secure charter. Together they performed a wonderfully humorous duet to the poem "Birds in the 18th century style", where speakerthrushes, thinkfinks doorplovers and timewings flutter around in lovely nonsense verse.


and their many sucksnappers, underwits and toe sparrows speakerthrushes, thinkfinks doorplovers and timewings.
The great canonbird and the goldbird, Bardinal and knowren, 

Ringdove and bedlark, weepgull, giggleowl, breadbreast and goldtail... 

Bo Löfvendahl SvD 2019-06-17

Release May 17

Daphne 1069 Days of wine and roses

Songs by Ladislaus Horatius

Anna Elisa Lindqvist voice

Oskar Ekberg piano 

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Daphne 1068 – Dancing with Bach

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is timeless, and often said to be “indestructible”. [Read more]



Daphne 1067 – Release July 10 2020 

Notes from Endenich is a piano album featuring composer Staffan Storm's and pianist Francisca Skoogh's close collaboration over thematic material from Robert Schumann. Storm's works contain both musical motifs and text fragments written by Schumann from the end of his life. Schumann's own first sonata for piano op. 11 displays his remarkable palette of musical expression. The project aims to create a deeper understanding of how classical works can live on in our day, with the listener in mind, but also among the composers and practitioners of art music today.

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