Mats Widlund and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Petter Sundkvist.

There were many different aspects to Hilding Rosenberg. One of them - one wich is often given prominence - is his earnest inquiring accompanied by high standards of craftsmanship, another, the musician who could indulge in virtuosity, and a third the provocative modernist.

The solo concertos constitute an important side of his production - he shows a great interest in the technical possibilities and powers of expression offered by each instrument.

Mats Widlund is one of the leading soloists in Sweden and performs regularly with all the major symphony orchestras in the country. His international engagements have included performances throughout Europe, in USA, Canada and Japan.

Mats Widlund is also very much in demand as a chamber musician. His repertoire includes not only the standard works of the classical and Romantic periods but also twentieth century music and various contemporary works.

He has given premiers of several works, for example Hilding Rosenberg's Piano concerto no 1 and can be heard on many radio and CD recordings of Swedish piano music including Stenhammar's Piano concerto no 1 with the Royal Philharmonic in Stockholm and Gennady Roszhdestvensky and the complete piano works by Hilding Rosenberg. (Daphne Records 1001 and 1002)

The release of this recording has been made possible through the support of the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs and SR Berwaldhallen.

Thus concluding a complete collection of Rosenberg's piano music for the first time on CD. On Daphne!

Piano concerto nr 1 (1930)*1 
1. Allegro energico [10.00]

2. Adagio espressivo [14.58]

Piano concerto nr 2 (1959) *2 
3. Allegro energico [15.12]

4. Andante tranquillo [13.15]

5. Allegro giusto [7.29]

Total: [61.20]

*1 - september 12, 13, 15 1997 
/balance engineer: Ian Cederholm/ 
*2 - august 19-21 
/balance engineer: Hans Erik Järvenhag/

Mats Widlund is the excellent soloist and Petter Sundkvist impress with his sensitivity and musicianship

Robert Layton IRR


My highest endorsement!

Paul A. Snook Fanfare


Daphne is a small label whose catalogue holds some considerable and unique treasures.

Their selection of repertoire is unerring and has resulted in three discs of piano music by Swedish composer, Hilding Rosenberg. The present disc of the two piano concertos is joined by two discs of Rosenberg's solo piano music.

The pianist providing the unifying approach is the fiercely virtuosic Mats Widlund (familiar from the Chandos CD of the Stenhammar piano concerto No. 1 - a very different work from the Rosenbergs) as adept at the motoric cross-rhythms of the first concerto as he is at the coolly impressionistic aspects of the solo piano music.

A most successful effort all round and testament to the firmness of resolve of Daphne's MD, Björn Uddén, as well as to Widlund's dedication and the skilled sympathy of orchestra, conductor and engineers 
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Rob Barnett -

1006 Hilding Rosenberg Piano concertos 1&2