Choracle Pieces 
Sverker Jullander, organ

In 1908, Otto Olsson composed a collection of twelve pieces on Organ Motives. The order of the pieces follows the ecclesiastical year. Each piece is based on a hymn associated with a particular feast day. They all have an individual form, balancing polyphonic and homophonic elements.

The CD ends with the Fantasy and Fugue "Vi lofve dig, o store Gud". This work is conceived on a grand scale and requires the resources of a large organ. It alternates between solemn austerity, meditative calm and spirited polyphony. In spite of the title, it can hardly be said to be in a two-part form, showing instead affinities with the chorale fantasy of the Reger type: all verses are treated in turn, each verse is given a particular character, the text is given in the score, the verses are connected by interludes, and the work culminates in a fuge whose theme is combined with the chorale. 
For this recording we have used the Setterquist & son organ in Kristinehamn Church, with three manuals and 43 stops whitch is in many respects typical of the late Romantic Swedish tradition. The organist Sverker Jullander is one of Swedens most prominent solo organ players.

Twelve Organ Pieces on Choracle Motives OP 36 
1. No. 1. Advent. Ps. 53. Bereden väg för Herran. [2.57]

2. No. 2. Jul. Ps. 55. Var hälsad, sköna morgonstund [4.22]

3. No. 3. Jul. Ps. 63. Av himlens höjd oss kommet är [2.06]

4. No. 4. Nyår. Ps. 66. Si, Jesus är ett tröstrikt namn. [1.58]

5. No. 5. Trettondedagen. Ps. 50. Förlossningen är vunnen. [4.16]

6. No. 6. Botdagen. Ps. 384. Herre dig i nåd förbarma [4.06]

7. No. 7. Långfredag. [6.24]

8. No. 8. Påsk. Ps. 102. Vad ljus över griften. [3.54]

9. No. 9. Kristi Himmelsfärd. Ps. 113. Till härlighetens land igen. [3.37]

10. No. 10. Pingst. Ps. 134. Kom Helge, Ande, Herre Gud! [3.37]

11. No. 11. Hel. Trefaldighetssöndag. Ps. 22. Gud trefaldig, statt oss bi. [4.34]

12. No. 12. Tacksägelsedagen. Ps. 16. Min själ skall lova Herran. [5.07]

13. Fantasy and Fugue on the choracle "We praise thee, o great God" [19.36]

Total: [66.44]

1013 Otto Olsson Organ Music Vol. 2