a new CD from Daphne, featuring orchestral music by 
Rolf Martinsson:

Calliope: the Nine Muses in a set of dance movements for strings.

At the End of Time, to words by Jacques Werup, who is also among the performers. Recorded live at a rapturously received concert on New Year’s Eve 2003. The accompanying booklet includes an English and German translation of the text.

A. S. in Memoriam: the full, expressive warmth of the Malmö Strings together with Christoph König in perhaps the best-loved of Martinsson’s compositions.

Dreams: a magnificent piece of orchestral music, named after the Kurosawa film which inspired this tone picture

The Malmö Symphony Orchestra performs under its Principal Conductor Christoph König 
and its Principal Guest Conductor Markus Lehtinen.

1022 Dreams, Music by Rolf Martinsson