Long-awaited new release from Daphne

Evgeny Svetlanov conducting 
“The Leningrad Symphony”

Composed in Leningrad during the 900-day-long siege by the Germans, Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony came to epitomise the free world’s resistance to Hitler Germany. 
The story of how the score was photographed and the rolls of film conveyed halfway round the world by way of Iran and Egypt to New York and a broadcast premiere performance conducted by Arturo Toscanini on 19th July 1942, was front-page news. 
In Leningrad itself, the symphony was first performed in August. The radio broadcast was relayed through loudspeakers put up in the city. Groups of people gathered round to listen, among them the not-quite-14-year-old Evgeny Svetlanov.

A long-awaited new release of the historic 1993 live recording, with the legendary Evgeny Svetlanov conducting the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in an emotionally charged encounter with the music that made a lifelong impression on him.

1023 Shostakovich Leningrad Symphony