Organ works by Felix Mendelssohn. Hans Fagius at the Åkerman&Lund Organ in Kokkola Church, Finland. Felix Mendelssohn was the first major composer after Bach to show real interest in the organ, and his two published sets of organ pieces are milestones in the development of Romantic organ music. For this recording, most of his output for the instrument has been performed on an ideal organ newly built in the Classical and early Romantic style prevailing round about the early decades of the 19th century.

1033 Mendelssohn Organ Works

  • Tracklist:
    CD 1: 
    Three Preludes and Fugues op. 37 * 
    11 pieces without opus numbers

    Three Preludes and Fugues op. 37

    1 Prelude I C minor 
    2 Fuge I    
    3 Prelude II G major    
    4 Fuge II    
    5 Prelude III D minor    
    6 Fuge III   

    7 Andante D major    
    8 Passacaglia C minor   

    Choral with variations 
    9 choral    
    10 variation 1    
    11 variation 2    
    12 variation 3   

    13 Nachspiel D major    
    14 Andante con moto G minor   

    15 Fughetta D major   

    16 Fugue E minor   

    17 FugueF minor   

    18 Prelude C minor    
    19 Andante with variations D major   

    20 Allegro, Choral and Fugue D minor/D major   

    CD 2: 
    Six Sonatas op. 65 
    2 pieces without opus numbers

    Sonata I F minor 
    1 Allegro moderato e serioso    
    2 Adagio    
    3 Andante. Recit 
    4 Allegro assai vivace   

    Sonata II C minor 
    5 Grave – Adagio    
    6 Allegro maestoso e vivace    
    7 Fuga. Allegro moderato   

    Sonata III A major 
    8 Con moto Maestoso    
    9 Andante tranquillo   

    Sonata IV B flat major 
    10 Allegro con brio    
    11 Andante religioso    
    12 Allegretto    
    13 Allegro maestoso e vivace   

    Sonata V D major 
    14 Andante    
    15 Andante con moto    
    16 Allegro maestoso   

    Sonata VI D minor 
    17 Choral    
    Andante sostenuto – Allegro molto 
    18 Fuga. Sostenuto e legato    
    19 Finale. Andante   

    20 Andante F Major   

    21 Allegro B flat Major