String Quartets by Lars-Erik Larsson


Lars-Erik Larsson (1908-1986) is one of the best-loved Swedish composers, known above all for his orchestral music, especially the Pastoral Suite (1938) and the lyrical suite A God Disguised (1940).


On this CD we present the three String Quartets and “Late Autumn Leaves”.

In a radio programme, excerpts from Senhöstblad (“Late Autumn Leaves”) by Ola Hansson (1860-1925) were interspersed with brief string quartet movements by Lars-Erik Larsson. Ola Hansson’s poems describe autumn as experienced on various occasions from a quiet day in September to the point where autumn has turned into winter. Larsson put some of the music together into the collection “Intimate Miniatures”. In addition to these four movements, the Stenhammar Quartet recently discovered another two, enabling us to present the first-ever recorded version of “Late Autumn Leaves” in its entirety.


The Stenhammar Quartet,


one of Sweden’s most sought after string quartets, consists of Peter Olofsson, first violin, Per Öman, second violin, Tony Bauer, viola, and Mats Olofsson, cello. The main emphasis of the repertoire is on Swedish music, often works seldom played previously, but, needless to say, the international repertoire is also included. In addition, the quartet has commissioned new works from several Swedish composers, most recently (2008) from Per Mårtensson. This is their first album of their own


1035 String Quartets by Lars-Erik Larsson