The Malmö Academy Symphony Orchestra is one of the vital courses taken by orchestral instrument students training as performing musicians. Its activities take the form of a number of project weeks during the academic year. It presents a wide-ranging repertoire, extending from classical to contemporary music, but also runs string and wind projects as well as a Christmas concert with chorus. The orchestra collaborates regularly with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and the Malmö Opera. Conductors regularly returning in recent years have included Charles Hazlewood, Neil Thomson and Eva Ollikainen, to mention but a few of all those who have helped to give the orchestra an international perspective. During 2009 the orchestra went on a widely publicised tour of the Baltic countries, and for 2010 a wind and percussion group from the orchestra has been invited to the Venice Biennale to give a number of concerts of contemporary music.

1037 Stenhammar Symphony No. 2