Now there is a new and highly anticipated recording featuring Swedish viol player Leif Henrikson and theorbo player Lars-Erik Larsson. Here they have carefully selected three suites by the French Baroque’s great viol maestro and composer Marin Marais. The tone and dynamics of the viol were considered to be close to the ideal — the human voice — something you really understand when you listen to these interpretations. From Marais’s fifth and last book, published in Paris in 1725, Henrikson and Larsson have chosen a series of movements that highlight the wealth of variation in Marais’s music: from the yearningly reflective to the brilliant and powerful. The recording, made in the medieval Ösmo Church, is of a very high technical quality and brings out the timbre and richness of overtones of the instruments. The record conveys a true chamber music experience, characterised by intimacy, clarity and closeness.

1050 Marin Marais