How do you combine a love for classical music with an urge to express yourself in jazz? Are there similarities? What are the differences? Composed versus improvised music. Which was first, the chicken or the egg?

In the beginning there was jazz. I started playing the clarinet inspired by heroes like Goodman, Parker, Getz; thrilled by the rhythm and the freedom of improvisation. Later, I entered the classical world. My masters – Mozart, Brahms, Debussy, Stravinsky – provided brilliant pieces of music for me to bring to life. I have stayed mainly in that world, but have always tried to convey a sense of improvisation, of creating in the moment.

Five or six years ago, playing some jazz gigs, I met pianist Lennart Simonsson and bassist Jan Adefelt. Although from different musical backgrounds, we found ourselves united in our search for aa expression witout borders, combining the notated and the improvised. Since then we’re happily exploring the art of improvisation together; sometimes in stricter forms, sometimes completely free. This CD is the result. Classical masters meet jazz giants, Swedish folk meets Klezmer. Original compositions and adaptations.

We strive to present this in our musical language. Three independent voices, three dialects. We think of chamber jazz as a musical conversation in real time.

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