The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is timeless, and often said to be “indestructible”. Regardless of this, arranging or making changes in works that are beloved and so often played around the world is not something a musician takes lightly. Since both of us have roots in Swedish folk music, we approach Bach from a folk musician’s point of view, which allows us to take certain liberties and imbue this repertoire with our own brand of musicality. We have also chosen to add some folk music to Bach’s works – both because the combination has merit in itself, and because it is music we love to play.

The tracks on this CD are a selection from the treasure trove of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music along with our own arrangements of folk music favorites. Inspiration from nature colors the pieces, the outdoor summer festivals and jams, and simply growing up with the improv that is folk music.

The result is a meeting of two worlds, J.S Bach and folk music, where our listeners join us on a vibrant and whirling journey from the Baroque era to our own. We hope it invites you to get up and dance, which is why we’ve called this album “Dancing with Bach” – a title that is simultaneously humorous and serious.

This growth potential of a project like this is exciting and it’s taken us down a path we hope to continue!

All the best, Kristine and Erik


With roots in the lush forests of Hälsingland and a firm foundation in folk music, Kristine West has ventured out into the realms of Early Music, Art Music, and World Music to establish herself as one of the foremost instrumentalists of her generation. Tone and timbre are central to her expression, aspects that continue to transform her musical voice.


Ms. West has two previous releases on Daphne, “Recorder” and “J.S. Bach - Flute Sonatas”, recorded in 2015. After completing her Master of Arts at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, she has been a freelance musician with various chamber ensembles and orchestras, both as a soloist and a member of the ensemble playing recorders, baroque flute, various transverse flutes and whistles.


Erik Rydvall hails from the northern province of Västerbotten. Taking up the violin as a 5-yerar-old, he took part in the folk music homecoming festivals known as spelmansstämmor while just a boy. In his late teens, he discovered the nyckelharpa, and was fascinated by its amazing range of musical possibilities. With a distinctly personal sound and a zest for breaking new ground, Rydvall is very much in demand as a musician and often works across genres.

More recently, Erik rose to the challenge of playing Bach’s partitas for violin and cello. The result is a refreshing rendez-vous between Bach and the lilting Swedish sound of the nyckelharpa, an instrument that can be traced back to Medieval times.

1068 Dancing with Bach