Sven-David Sandström’s unique feel for the choir as an instrument is evident throughout, and he allows the soloists and the choir to interact a cappella.  His creative craftsmanship is equally evident when it comes to the orchestra, where tonal richness and concise rhythms are a perfect foil for the vocal efforts. Occasionally, the orchestra even expresses musical comments and reflections of its own. The setting is pared down, compared to that of oratorios: simple woodwinds, two horns, one trumpet, one trombone, timpany, and strings. With its advanced harmonies and challenging rhythmic and harmonic development, Sandström’s cantata demands much of all its singers. DECAMPMENT There is an old time and a new time is an exciting new addition to Sweden’s musical literature that will hopefully be performed many times at a wide variety of different venues.

 t was a great honour for the Adolf Fredrik Chamber Choir to premiere this piece along with soloists Hanna Husáhr and Olle Persson, and top-notch musicians. We are grateful that the recording at the Adolf Fredrik Church by audio engineer Mats Helgesson on June 15, 2019 and released by Daphne Records on CD, makes it possible for others to experience this moving cantata by Sven-David Sandström.

1070 Uppbrott /Decampment