This recording, our first together, is intended as a calling card for my special collaboration with Musica Vitae. We have decided to present a 'collage of B's'; different eras, different styles, and all equally compelling. The red thread is the modern day - Britta Byström's 'Walks', which weaves everything together and leads us elegantly through different worlds. Humour and imagination shine through, connecting everything. 

The scope of emotions in all three pieces is vast – so vivid as to be almost palpable in Biber's Battalia and Britten's Bridge Variations! And Byström's piece really lifts our souls! As a connecting thread we commissioned Britta Byström’s ‘Walks’, which weave everything together and lead us deftly through the different worlds, Humor and imagination radiate from every note.

1063 Games for Souls