A thrilling debut album with a unique blend of baroque music, minimalism and folk music, with a wide spectrum of musical colourfulness.

With her roots in the Swedish folk music, Kristine West takes on baroque music as well as contemporary music in a free and open minded way.

Her playing is characterised by latitude and easiness, with the aim to create an experience of presence - with a conviction that what occurs in the musical moment is the only thing that exists. The interpretation can constantly change and be reconsidered - depending on fellow musicians, the acoustics and the audience. In this way the music is constantly alive, built on impulse, interplay and sense, free to reflect the mutual experience of the moment.


On this CD there are such versions or interpretations of each composition, captured by the recording technology as an artistic tool. To her assistance Kristine has some of Sweden’s most prominent instrumentalists of the new generation, here in different constellations in the form of orchestra and smaller ensembles. (An interplay that is elaborated through exploring the music together. Deeply rooted in the musical tradition they find their way further, and might even find something quite new…)

1055 Kristine West, Recorder

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